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You can determine your legal options by having an appellate issue reviewed by an appellate lawyer.

Like all things in life, not every verdict is correct. At trial mistakes can be made. That’s why our legal system provides for the appellate process. As an experienced appellate lawyer, Mr. Spong has filed over 100 appellate briefs and argued scores of cases at oral argument before appellate courts.

You may wish to preserve a trial victory, or pursue a reversal. An appellate attorney can bring a new viewpoint needed for an appeal, and we are committed to genuine client service, concentrating on your concerns and keenly advocating for you.

If you wish to have your matter reviewed by an experienced appellate attorney, or someone you know believes that a judge or jury made a decision that was wrong, you should contact Keehn Law.

An appeal provides a new perspective on your case. Commonly in an appeal, vital issues that might have been overlooked at trial can be revealed.

Errors that can justify reversal on appeal include:

  • Incorrect instructions to jurors.
  • Using inadmissible evidence.
  • Misapplying governing law.

Accepting Referrals From Other Lawyers

While there are many experienced attorneys throughout California, some attorneys do not wish to accept appellate matters. If you have a client who wishes to appeal a case in California , please contact us to discuss the details of the case. We will quickly assess whether we are able to provide assistance.

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