Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Maui County, HI

​Whether your senior loved was a victim of elder abuse or you need legal assistance with estate litigation, Keehn Estate and Elder Law can help. We operate in a variety of areas, including Maui County, HI.

Get the Legal Help You Need

We are here to represent you in a variety of elder and estate practice areas. Turn to us if you need a lawyer for the following legal areas.

Nursing Home or Elder Abuse

Whether your senior loved one was a victim of elder care in a nursing home, at an assisted living center, or at home from home health professionals, this is not acceptable. Allow our professional nursing home abuse lawyer to investigate the situation and seek due compensation for the suffering your senior loved one experienced. We can help with financial abuse as well.

Estate Litigation

Estate planning can be complicated. If you want to contest a will, suspect an executor of untrustworthy conduct, or want to set up a trust, we can help. We also help with appeals for an estate as well.


If you need to set up a conservatorship or contest a current conservatorship, we can assist you. We’ll explain the process and rights of both the conservator and conservatee.

Do you need a wrongful death lawyer for the untimely death of an elderly loved one or a probate litigation attorney for help with probate? Please call us today at (760) 249-7776 for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.